Mount Idaho

   Mount Idaho is the 7th-highest peak in the State of Idaho. It is 12,065 feet high. This is the third 12er I have done so far this year, and the 7th now of 9 12,000 foot+ mountains in Idaho. Church and Donaldson are the only two left. I will do those next year to finish off all 9 12,000+ foot Idaho Peaks. I could probably do Church/Donaldson this year, but 3 is enough and doing them next year will give me something to look forward to. I'm also getting tired of the 6 hour round trip drives to get to that area.

   The approach to this peak was not that long but fairly steep in a few places. The actual climb up the mountain was a lot like Leatherman. Apparently once you get high enough, there is a gully I've heard called the 'stairway to seven' which you take to the top. I went past it a little and up a slightly more sketchy gully, but still no real big deal. I guess as long as you make it up then you were going the right way. I did take that gully on the way down. It took around 5 hours to get to the top and just under 2.5 to get back down. You are able to drop down from the top very quickly. Most of the lower part of the trail is pretty good, towards the middle you lose it or there is none, and the top is also fairly well marked for the kind of stuff you are walking and climbing on.

Tuesday, 29 March 2022


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