EVE Online

Great game. Played it for quite a long time and lost interest several times.  I ended up in the Imperium (Goonswarm) where I stayed for many years and had a great time.  Some of the great highlights were the Burn Jita events before CCP changed bumping, along with my time in Miniluv.  I was active when some of the big wars came up and made it from basically a subcap pilot to carriers, dreads, and on supercarrier.  I did some jump freighter runs for ITL for a while when we lived in Deklein which was my main money making job for a while.  Before GSF I did E-Uni and learned quite a lot.  Most of the tie before that was basically just being lost and doing mining and pve in high-sec (one of the reasons I stopped playing the first time in 2009ish).

Lineage 2

I played this with the wife for over 10 years if I remember right.  We played if from a Taiwan open beta up until I just could not take it anymore.  For the most part it was fun but it was a non-stop grindfest and later a non-stop botfest.  PVP was fun before the botting took over and real players fell behind for good.  Ending up forever out equipped and out leveled because you don't jump on the bot train is not fun, and that along with just the most insane % chance to fail just about everything unless you spend money was just too much.  As far as I know the game is still going and botting in now part of the game, but doing the same instances and quests every day just to level up is boring, especially if you are just setting up a bot train.  Even if that is legal, I don't consider that any fun turning on a program and then doing something else.  That is not a game to me.

Misc Games

Included screenshots are from a few games that I played a little bit of.  These were open or closed beta events that I was involved in.  I don't really play any games any more.  EVE was the last one.  I did play Black Desert for a while in between EVE and Lineage 2, but I guess I never took any screenshots of it.


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