Timpanogos via Aspen Grove

   This is the second time I have done Mt. Timpanogos. The first was in 2017 from the Timpooneke trail. This time I went from the Aspen Grove side. The mileage and elevation gain is really about the same, although it seemed to me that this time around was a lot steeper and slower going. I might just be getting old. Looking back at the stats for the other hike though, it seems like it took about the same amount of time for the same distance and elevation gain. The last hike was also more towards the end of the year and was cold and foggy. This time around it got pretty hot, but it was a nice clear day so I got some good pictures. It was also packed with people which is normal for a holiday weekend.

    All in all though it was a good hike, and something I had wanted to finish off. There are a few other peaks in Utah I'd like to do in the next few years. I'll probably never do this one again though without some other reason. Timp is 11,752 feet high.

Thursday, 24 March 2022


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