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I got new license plates the other day.  It was so exciting.  I guess it's kind of sad when the most exciting thing over the past few weeks is that I get new license plates for my car.  It's like those small towns that print on their front page stuff like "Man catches fish with two heads", or "Grandma Jones lost her false teeth while shopping for meatloaf this morning" because that is the most exciting thing that has happened.  It was exciting though.  I actually walked out to the mailbox almost every day checking for them.  Usually I only drive to the mailbox every few days.

I did download and install the Windows 10 preview yesterday.  It has some nice additions but is essentially Windows 8.2, correcting most of the things everyone but the most hardcore MS fanboys hated about it, the dreaded and forced down our throats metro UI.  May it die horribly in a thousand fires of moldy meatloaf.