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A word of advice for all you people out regular backups! You would think after losing data multiple times in the past I would actually do this well. I don't. CentOS decided to bomb out and luckily I had 1 old vhdx from the end of 2016 otherwise I'd be recreating the entire site from scratch, which would not be fun at all. I now have a backup of the current vhdx as well as an akeeba backup and I'll be trying to remember to make regular backups of both.

I don't have the willpower to try and remember everything that has happened since the last post or what I typed before. Probably not much and what was there was probably not important anyway. I did update some photos that I know I had put there of a few trips I have gone on this year.

For notable events, I got a Citrix CCA-V certification and am working on the CCP-V. Things are still going great at work and am still working on VDI. In July we took a trip to see my sister in southern California and stayed there for a week. We went to March Air Museum and looked at some planes. There was also an air show in Idaho Falls with the Blue Angels which was fun to watch even though it was pretty hot outside. I also attempted to hike up Mount Borah which is the tallest peak in Idaho. Didn't make it all the way up but was a fun trip anyway and will probably try it again.

That's about it.

what the title says