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I guess since it is almost May and I have posted once in 2015, I probably should do something.  First of all I change the joomla template.  I think it looks nicer with better colors and bigger pictures.  I'm sure I'll be tweaking it for a while until I get it exactly how I want it.  During spring break I took the kids to my sisters house in California and then went over to my other sisters house in Arizona where we had a surprise birthday party for my Dad who turned 700 this year.  He looks slightly better than Yoda.  Fun trip, long drive though. Work is going well.  I'm getting more out of sccm and imaging and more into Citrix.  This is good since I'm always up for learning new things and St Luke's appears to be serious about VDI.  A few other places I have worked at tried it bit were never able to get it right, but I think we will  eventually.  I'll be adding some pictures of the trip and also some of the yummy food my wife has made recently.  She is definitely keeping me fat for when the apocalypse comes and my family needs to eat me to survive.


I took a picture of an announcement inside Fred Meyer that I thought was funny.  That is the left picture.  On the right is the cat isolation room.  This was taken at the animal shelter that my son and I went to for a project he was working on for school.  I just thought it sounded fun to have a cat isolation room.   It sounds like a time out room for bad cats.

In other news I blew up my site updating joomla to 3.whatever from 2.whatever.  Fortunately I had a few backups of the site and was able to get things restored and be able to successfully update with very few problems.  Unfortunately I'm dumb and the backup I took right before updating the site I wasn't able to use and had to use one from mid-November.  It wasn't too bad though since I hadn't changed too much around or added very much.

I guess I should have mentioned that in the last month or so I have also been to an airshow and got to climb and ride around in an M1A1 Abrams tank for a few hours, courtesy of the national guard and put on by my Eve Online alliance (Goonswarm).

The airshow was at Mountain Home AFB and the main event was the Thunderbirds. I brought along two of my youngest kids and my dad also was up in Idaho for a few days so he came along also.  Pictures are here.  The show was pretty good.  I have been to a good number of these so it wasn't something too amazing.  It was the first time for the kids though so hopefully they thought is was interesting.

A few weeks after that I took my older son to a national guard depot in Oregon (Umatilla Army Depot), where one of the guys in my EVE Online alliance put together an event where we could get inside and ride around in a tank for a few hours.  This was very fun and possibly one of those once in a lifetime events.  It was about a 12 hour drive and a 5 hour event, so it was a very long day but totally worth it.  There are some pictures and videos here and here.